Integrating Judaism, Life  and Tikkun Olam

Our study program for teens is personalized and self-directed. Because we believe that the best Jewish education is one in which parents and kids learn together we have created a program for teens and their parents that uses books that can be used and discussed by both and can be used equally well by parents with very little Jewish education or those with substantial knowledge.

Self-Paced Curriculum

Parents and teens discuss Jewish history, ethics, Torah and Talmud by reading 20-25 pages per week and then studying together for 90 minutes per week (we favor discussion over Sunday breakfast!). The curriculum is entirely self-paced. Parents and teens may choose their own set of books (with help from the Shir Hadash rabbi) or use one of our book lists, like this one:

  • Age 13: Guide to Jewish Literacy (Telushkin)
  • Age 14: A Code of Jewish Ethics Vol 1 (Telushkin)
  • Age 15: Swimming in the Sea of Talmud (Katz & Schwartz)
  • Age 16: A Code of Jewish Ethics Vol 2 (Telushkin)
  • Age 17-18: My People’s Prayer Book, Vols 1-3 (Hoffman)

Other possible books include: These Words Upon Our Heart (Steinbock), Sacred Fragments (Gillman)

Learning Support

Parents meet periodically with the Shir Hadash rabbi and parenting coach to ask questions and discuss parenting and Jewish content issues, how to help their teens integrate Judaism into their lives, exchange successes and ideas, and get support for self-study reading.

Teens meet periodically with the Shir Hadash rabbi to discuss Jewish identity, God, ethics, tikkun olam and integrating their Judaism with their daily life.

Experiments in integrating tikkun olam into teens’ daily lives are encouraged.

Learn More

If you've never done a self-directed study program or have questions about how it works, give Dave Zuckerman or Lois Zuckerman (314-576-3011) a shout and we'll explain how it works and how you can get started.