Reconstructing Judaism and Jewish community for the 21st century, Shir Hadash adults engage in both group and self study.

Group Study

  • Shabbat Study– Monthly Shabbat discussion(3rd Shabbat) , or (fifth Shabbat),  of historical Jewish texts as well as contemporary Jewish philosophers (including Kaplan, Telushkin, Heschel, Neusner, Hoffman and others) and non-fiction and fiction authors. Discussions are led by our members, our dynamic Shir Hadash rabbi or a visiting scholar. Topics are selected by the membership. Currently we alternate months: reading a chapter of Exploring Judaism: A Reconstructionist Approach one month and then a novel of Jewish interest the next.
  • Future Scholar Weekends – Periodic weekend study with visiting scholars. Shir Hadash regularly invites experts in various relative fields from St. Louis or the Reconstructionist movement to share their expertise.

Self Study

Adults are encouraged to work with study partners (spouses, colleagues, friends) to examine texts that interest them and bring their learnings back to the community. Our Shir Hadash rabbi provides guidance and book recommendations.