Jewish Home, Holidays and Family

Our study program for children aged birth - 8 years is personalized and self-directed. Because we believe that the best Jewish education is one in which parents and kids learn together we have created a program for children and their parents that uses books that can be shared, and can be used equally well by parents with very little Jewish education or those with substantial knowledge.

  • Starting at age 6 months, families will receive a book monthly from the PJ Library. Through age 7, books are subsidized by Jewish Federation of St Louis. Parents read each book to their children to provide Jewish content in the home.
  • Parents work with children to learn basic Jewish prayers (Sh’ma, Motzi, etc)
  • Children come with their parents to Shabbat services and participate in songs and prayers. Children help lead prayers at services as they learn them.
  • Parents meet periodically with the Shir Hadash rabbi and parenting coach to ask questions and discuss parenting and Jewish content issues (God, Jewish identity, secularism), exchange successes and ideas, and get support for the PJ Library books that they will receive and the prayers they may wish to teach their children.

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If you've never done a self-directed study program or have questions about how it works, give Dave Zuckerman or Lois Zuckerman (314-576-3011) a shout and we'll explain how it works and how you can get started.